Email Marketing Case Studies

Email Marketing remains the most cost-effective and effective method for building a warm and engaged community of email buyers.

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Amal Botanicals

Amal botanicals is an e-commerce store and Nigeria’s leading formulator for natural and nourishing baby care products.

The Challenge

As a skin and personal care brand, they needed email marketing solutions that could drive repeat purchases for their online store.

They also needed a cost-effective solution to retargeting customers who abandon their carts as running retargeting ads was really eating into their profit margins.

The Results

+6+49% conversion rate on cart abandonment follow-up emails, almost X3 of the average industry standard (18.64%).

Wallpaper Nigeria

http://wallpaperworldng.com is an e-commerce store for the sale of all kinds of wallpaper designs and labels.

The Challenge

As an e-commerce store, they needed an agency that could provide end-to-end lead generating and email marketing campaigns that would help them sell out their products on autopilot.

The Results

Recorded an average click-through rate of 13%, more than X5 of the industry standard(2.5%).

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