Email Marketing Case Study

Amal Botanicals

49% Cart abandonment emails CONVERSION RATE

ABOUT Amal Botanicals

Amal botanicals is an e-commerce store and Nigeria’s leading formulator for natural and nourishing baby care products.

The Challenge

As a skin and personal care brand, they needed email marketing solutions that could drive repeat purchases for their online store.

They also needed a cost-effective solution to retargeting customers who abandon their carts because using retargeting ads was going to eat into their profit margins.

They needed an all-round email marketing agency who could help them build a growing community of loyal and repeat buyers right on their email list.

Strategy And Key Tactics

Highly personalized and segmented sale incentive campaigns to drive rapid sales.
Lead generation campaigns to generate quality and qualified leads.
Highly customized email automation funnels to improve conversion rates, gather customer reviews and build brand loyalty.
Optimized automation funnels for cart abandonment and repeat purchases.
Implemented a responsive design so viewers can easily view emails on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
Effectively promoted email list subscription using various channels like email pop-ups, first-order coupons, social media, and the rest.
Created relevant and intriguing subject lines to maximize open rates.
Developed highly persuasive, emotive, and benefit-driven email copies to boost conversions.


+49% conversion rate on cart abandonment follow-up emails, almost X3 of the average industry standard (18.64%)


We set up a highly customized cart abandonment funnel where contacts who add to cart without purchasing are entered into and followed up with, in order to maximise conversions.

Of 612 contacts entered into this funnel, they recorded a record-breaking conversion rate of 49%.

Of all email marketing campaigns run over a period of 12 months, the average email open rate stood at 36% and an impressive click-through rate of 23% (almost X9 of the average industry standard).

That means for over a period of 12 months, an average of 23% of those who received our (mostly promotional) emails clicked a purchase-intended link to the website.