Attention Course Creators, Coaches & Trainers:

Inside this letter, you will discover the Seamless Approach To Help You Double, Tripple Or Even Quadruple Your Course Sales Like Over 107 Coaches ….Even If You’re Just Starting Out.

Would You Allow My Team to Help You Breakfree from the SSS Nightmare of a Coach Or Course creator?

From The Desk Of…

Mayowa Adeoti

Team Lead WCDigital Agency

Dear Brilliant Mind,

Ever thought of sharing your knowledge as an info product— across the globe?… To be SEEN.

Tired of not having a user-friendly process to host and sell your digital courses?… The STRESS.

Or do you feel the sharing of your knowledge as a coach or course creator is becoming so weary?… Want more SALES.

Then I want you to know that you’re not alone and many other coaches have been there before.


Maybe you’ve been getting it all wrong.

Maybe you haven’t met the right expert in this.
Maybe you’re yet to meet someone who understands the dynamics behind this whole course distribution process.

So I want to welcome you to the last spot…

Where over 107 digital creators have found a lasting solution to their desired system of sharing their knowledge.

And if you stick with me …I’ll show you in 5 minutes how you can join the league of these digital creators that are now free from the SSS Nightmare affecting digital creators.

According to research…Most course creators do not have a stable and friendly system that can host their courses online.

And if you’re one of those course creators who lead their web visitors on a journey like Ecommerce platforms…

Then you need to give it a second thought.

The customer journey of students in getting a course as an investment in knowledge should be different from the journey of purchasing a product.


Now, over the past 9 years, I have been able to help course creators and coaches create a website that will stand out and put their personal branding at the top.

This is by helping them have access to a seamless learning management system that delivers the courses to students in an enjoyable manner.

Imagine how coaches who have valuable information to share are battling with the SSS Nightmare.

Now You May Be Asking ……

What’s this SSS Nightmare?

This SSS Nightmare is what every coach needs to break out from in order to excel in the coaching business and start making 6 to 7 figures in this.

These are…

  The struggle to be SEEN

The struggle to win over STRESS in marketing

The struggle To SELL

Now, imagine creating a digital product the world can’t see because your host platform lacks the necessary optimization.

Or having a website without the right integration to help generate leads and convert visitors to students.

Then your effort as a course creator won’t yield any result.

This is what most digital creators face daily and you need a personal website designed for the journey and aim of converting web visitors into paying students.

This is it…

You need a system that brings in leads, and take them through an easy funnel ….positioning you as the right expert you are 

…and finally getting them to trust you as the best person to learn from.

That way, you will benefit from your coaching business and course sales.

This is why I want to introduce you to the Skyrocket Online School Website

Where my team and I help course creators and coaches to optimize delivery in their course sales.

Here’s What You Stand To Get From This Delivery...

Your Personal Online School Website where you host your courses and have...

Let Me Also Reveal To You A Sneak Peek On How WCDigital Agency Works On A Client’s Project

Now here’s how we give your business a special treat …

You see we only take on clients who would work with us through this process. To enable us to deliver an outstanding and Personal online school for you.

In fact, we go as far as helping you have a good number of similar projects you can pick ideas from…

Studying your market and competitors to give you a unique layout in the market.

This is because we want you to do better than your competitors and not just do the job for you.

So here’s our workflow process involving a series of expertise...

This is an all in one offer you get from working with us.

And that’s not all…

You get FREE maintenance support from the team for 3 months.

Also, we ensure that we use licensed products and softwares to enable your website stability. This is what’s killing most coaches’ course delivery.

With this put in place, you can compete with what you see on international ecommerce websites.

Having specialized in this for over 9 years, you will be getting nothing but exclusive delivery from the agency.

Let Me Ask You…

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Which do you prefer?

Option #1

An individual web developer that will give you an average job using non-licensed products.

A web agency that has NO SPECIALIZATION in handling personal online school websites.



Option #2

My team and I …with expert knowledge in doing this for over 9 years to help you get the best out of your coaching business.

The choice is yours to decide.

We have learnt a lot in doing this and we know what works. Plus, we have a combination of expertise from different fields to give you the best.

Now tell; me …Is this something you’d like to have?

If You Answer Yes To Option #2 Above…

Then let me introduce you to our biggest sale event of the year, which is…

The Black Friday Deals

Now, this is a chance to break free from the SSS Nightmare of coaches and course creators.

With this deal,

You can host heavy course videos on your website.

You can have a funnel you nurture and convert your visitors to paying students.

You can set up follow up email sequence like you see other top creators doing.

And with all these, you can take your business to another level.

So What Will Be Your Investment For This?…

Before I go into that…

Imagine you have N200,000 in your bank account to let go …..

And you’ve got a course that sells for N10,000.

This means you need to make 20 sales to make up to N200k.

Now, do you think that’s too much to make?

No, right?

You probably have made up to 20 sales Or N200,000 from your course… 

Now picture this other category…

Imagine you are yet to make a straight 20 sales of your product since you launch it…

…and I have in my hands what can help you get this and more in less than 30 days from now.

Would you be willing to sacrifice that N200,000 Or what you have to get more than 20 sales back in less than 30 days?

I guess you gave that a second thought.

The best part of this is …

With this system that solves the SSS Nightmare, you can make far more than 200,000 or 20 sales in these 30 days.

So you see, you’ve got nothing to lose.

And here’s the good news

This help is in front of you ….so don’t think far.

And that’s The Skyrocket Online School Website that goes for N200,000.

But today, you get it less than that.

You see… the coaches who have tested this system can share a part of their story with you. Here’s what they have to say…

Prompt, detailed service. I enjoyed the fact that they were patient with me, followed up with me and ensured I completely understood the changes made and knew how to work them! Definitely using them again!

– Kemi Lewis

Websitechic changed my business by creating a wonderful website for me. She is still following up on the website, anytime I have issues…. She and her associates are ready to listen to my complaint and respond in time. There is no issue they won’t solve. Patronizing them is one of the greatest things that has happened to my business

– Adelekan Oluseyi

I have worked with Websitechic for about two years now and its been great, the most interesting thing about the team is the diversity. I needed somebody that could take care of the tech side of my business. Websitechic and her team manage my sales funnel, my processes, automation of my online school, manage our website

– Tricia Biz

We at Sovice Cook&Bake Academy are so grateful that your company Websitechic Digital Agency set up and hosted our online school website successfully and in record time. The process from the beginning to the end was so professional and timely, your technical service support to help our team operate the website seamlessly is superb, you guys at Websitechic Digital Agency are simply the best, thank you for everything.

– Sovice Cook&Bake Academy

Websitechic changed my business by creating a wonderful website for me. She is still following up on the website, anytime I have issues…. She and her associates are ready to listen to my complaint and respond in time. There is no issue they won’t solve. Patronizing them is one of the greatest things that has happened to my business

– Blossom Uri

I got my website up and running in 2020 January, Mayowa trained me and my team members and hosted my courses for me. Now I have the flexibility of hosting all my courses myself, my emails are done on my website, sent to all my subscribers, products, ebooks, templates are sold from my own website, I add and delete myself, I don’t need to host on another site. I understand the backend so well now, landing pages everything is done in-house.

– Tracy Uwom


For 25% off the normal price, you can get your Skyrocket online school website all set up for N150,000.

So you save N50,000 on other marketing budgets.

WAIT a minute….Before you say it is still much for you to give in.

Remember, we are giving you an online school that helps you to be SEEN…. To SELL…And save you the STRESS of non-profitable marketing.

You know… the breaking free from the SSS Nightmare.

Unlike other websites which just allows you to be seen online.

And this is going to be a rush one today.

Because I could remember last year, there was a huge turnout and we had to put some projects on hold.

But this time we do not plan on having such. And so my team and I have decided to handle this exclusive delivery for 7 coaches or course creators only.

This is because we are going to be taking up the regular price once this promo is down.

And as a result, we can’t afford to take more than 7 new clients on this.

So what’s it going to be for you?

Get this NOW or come back and have this offer gone to some other coach …

Probably a competition of yours who’s going to grab the huge share of the market in 30days from now.

Remember, there are some coaches in similar niches out there looking at selling their offer as well to the world.

So be the first to get this, because we sell out FAST.

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Here’s The BEST PART Of This Deal

You can do a part payment now and complete this on or before Cyber Monday.

So lock your spot now with this offer.

Sounds fair enough?

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Team Lead WCDigital Agency

Need to talk to someone on the team?

Then proceed by punching either of the 2 phone numbers below to speak with our promo sales team and get clarity…

So you get on with your payment right away.

Here’s the number to call:

Glory—- 0816 910 7724

Maria—-  090 2338 4414

Now, when you’re satisfied with the call, head on to click the button below to lock in your spot on this Black Friday Huge Discount Deal.



Team Lead WCDigital Agency

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

P.S. This is a Black Friday deal for a Skyrocket Online School Website Creation for 25% off the regular price…Now, N150,000 instead of N200,000. This is one of a kind of our specialised web development for coaches & course creators to break free from the SSS Nightmare. The best part is … you can lock your spot now with a part payment and complete it on or before Cyber Monday.

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