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Brand Website + E-commerce Store

Money-Making Website (24 HOURS A DAY)


Licious Intimates is a Nigerian ladies underwear brand with the aim to make all women feel fabulous about their Curve and Body.

The Challenge

Prior to this project, the brand did not have any website and had to handle customer orders via their Instagram page.

This was very overwhelming and unproductive for the client and her staff following up with customer orders and all back and forths in between.

It was clear to our client that she needed an automated system to run all of these activities on autopilot so she can have time to focus on more important activities and even have time off her business.

From this, it was clear to us that she needed not just a brand website but also a highly customized E-commerce store, fully automated from start to finish.

Strategy And Key Tactics

The first thing we did was schedule an onboarding session with the client to draw out the short-term and long-term goals for her brand and how this website was going to help actualize them.

The next step was to carry out a competitive analysis. The goal here was to ensure that we deliver way beyond the industry standard and also capitalize on the shortcomings of their competitors by making available what they lacked.

Next, we drew a project plan for every unit of the website designing project and got to work.

Developed and designed a brand website + E-commerce store from A-Z.
Creative and attractive UI/UX web interface.
Integrated 9 different category pages for different underwear product types to make shopping easier and quicker for customers.
Well-detailed FAQ section to prevent overwhelming customer enquiries and better user experience for website visitors.
Integrated E-commerce payment portal with several payment channels for convenience.
Customization that delivers email notification of purchases made to store owner's mail. This allows for the prompt delivery of the orders made
Allocated testimonial section as a form of social proof.
Technical SEO practices.

The Launch

Licious intimates’ website is newly launched and has been generating sales round the clock. Website visitors can easily place their orders, make payments and track their orders all on auto pilot. We hope to see a much greater influx of leads, impressive conversion rates, and a flawless user experience from both client and customers.


Client records 4X more productivity as her brand website + e-commerce store is an effective 24-hour salesman that works round the clock.

No stress of responding to hundreds of DMs from customers trying to place orders.

Powerful website built with a sales marketing funnel for generating new leads and eventually nurturing them till they become repeat customers.

Despite no new blog content being posted live and no links being built there has been steady growth in organic traffic and keywords.