The power of
On-site optimization

+655% Increase In Search Engine Traffic


Vono Furniture Products Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Vitafoam Nig. Plc. The Company is positioned to provide furniture products for hospitality, offices, homes, and Institutions.

The Challenge

When they reached out to us, they were getting almost no traffic to their website. They barely had any online visibility and didn’t even know how to navigate the online marketing world. 

They only had a website but it was neither making them money, generating business leads or building brand awareness for them.

They needed a solution that would help drive organic visibility and traffic to their website.

Strategy And Key Tactics

Technical Seo strategies to improve crawlability and increase search engine rankings.
Improved Seo health score from 31% to 95% by removing thin and duplicate pages that were hurting search engine rankings.
Product SEO to boost search engine visibility for the online store and drive increased sales.
Built 90 quality backlinks to improve website authority and rankings.
Improved mobile responsiveness and site speed.
All these in just 4 months of SEO.

Proven Results


Increased On-page SEO score to 93.

Integrated over 267 organic keywords which were bringing in an average of 387 organic monthly visitors from Google alone.

Of a total of 497 monthly website visitors, organic search contributed about 78.37% of that traffic after just 4 months of SEO.

+655% increase in monthly organic traffic in under 4 months of search engine optimization.

As high as +1700% increase in page sessions of some of the most viewed web pages.

Despite no new blog content being posted live and no links being built there has been steady growth in organic traffic and keywords.